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This page provides a broad and abbreviated description of the core training programs currently available. Each program is customized for content and length to suit your specific needs. All programs and specific program sessions can be combined to create the exact training required. Program lengths range from one hour to multiple-day sessions,depending on your training needs. Ready to start getting a handle on life, business and your place in it? Contact Patricia today.

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Managing Workplace Chaos Inter-Personal Perspectives
Communication Skills
Dynamic Reading Strategies Deliver It!
Presentation Skills for the New Millennium
Time Perspectives Leadership Perspectives
Be an Effective & Successful Manager
Keeping Life Balanced  

Managing Workplace Chaos

Information overload + mountains of paper + personal and professional demand minus time = STRESS! By the time you have finished answering the phone, returning calls, wading through e-mail, and prioritizing the stack of papers spilling out of your in box, you hardly have any time left to do your actual work! Not to mention that you need a 3-week vacation just to get your concentration back. Without the skills needed to make your way through a typical, crazy workday, you could very well find yourself drowning in a sea of data, documents and distress.

Managing Workplace Chaos gives you the step-by-step methods you need to burst through the confusion of life at the office, allowing you to get your work done and retain your sanity while you’re at it. This training program, based on the book of the same name, offers innovative and effective strategies to help you achieve:

Advanced Reading and Recall skills: Upgrade your reading ability with skills to help with speed, comprehension, memory and recall. By learning how to be an active reader, take effective notes, and boost your concentration, comprehension and memory skills, you’ll transform information from clutter into something you can use. Time and

Information Management: Use a master activity list and other tools and techniques to manage your workflow. Avoid late nights at the office by discovering how to set goals and be more productive.

Life Balance: How can a busy person avoid the burn-out factor? This program shows you how to assess your stress inventory, cope with situational, physical and emotional stress, and develop strategies to create daily mental balance — and maintain it no matter how perilous the workday quicksand gets.


Dynamic Reading Strategies

Read Faster and Understand More — Keep up With Today’s Demanding Pace of Information!

  • Utilize Advanced Technical Reading and Study Skills
  • Capture All the Information Flying Around in Meetings, Conferences, Trainings and on the Phone.
  • Understand the Speed in Reading
  • Conquer Information Overload
  • Read 2 to 4 Times Faster
  • Regenerate your Memory and Recall abilities
  • Improve your Reading Comprehension

Time Perspectives

Read Faster and Understand More — Keep up With Today’s Demanding Pace of Information!

  • Design a Visual Work Plan that Keeps You on Track When Multiple Requests for Your Time Threaten to Take You Off Course
  • Identify Your Stress Resistors and Conquer Burn-Out!
  • Stop Procrastination and Do the ‘Undones’
  • Establish Direction and Determine your Anchoring Priorities
  • Delegate with Confidence and Handle Interruptions
  • Streamline Paperwork and Organize your Workplace

Keeping Life Balanced

Bring balance back to your life. Feel moreenergized and in control. This program addresses the issue of stress in our lives today. Its focus is on becoming aware of the causes of personal and work stress and learning both short and long term techniques to handle it. Take a proactive stance for your well-being today and reap the rewards for years to come!

  • Learn and Apply the 5 Greatest Stress Resistors
  • Identify the Stages of Burn-Out and How to Manage Them
  • Multiple Stress Gauges Provided to Pinpoint Your Stressors
  • Balance Work, Family and Private Time
  • Regain Productivity and a Sense of Purpose
  • Understand how Stress Operates in Your Life

Interpersonal Perspectives

Our styles in behavior and communication are so automatic we often think there is only one way to accomplish a task – OURS! This workshop will give you perspective on your style and how it works with others. You will learn simple and powerful tools in communication, assertiveness and stress relief.

  • Conquer the Interferences in Communicating
  • Handle Mistakes and Give Feedback Productively
  • Delegating — A New View That Works!
  • Complete a Self-Scoreable Personal Style Inventory
  • Learn Essential Skills to Capture Informaiton While Listening
  • Explore the Core 4 Behavioral Styles and How Each One Operates
  • Get Results with Everyone you Meet
  • Understand how Others View Your Communication Style

Deliver It!

Persuade, motivate, make things happen! People with the ability, skill and courage to present information and ideas effectively have a powerful edge. There is no other skill that can increase your effectiveness more dramatically than being able to Deliver It!

  • Ask about Your Video Feedback Option
  • Present Your Ideas With Conviction, Control and Poise
  • Organize Your Thoughts — 7 Key Steps of Presentation Design
  • Develop Your Presentation Image
  • Design Perfect Notes & Never Lose Your Place Again!
  • Harness Your Presentation Anxiety

Leadership perspectives

Realize your full leadership potential. The number one cause of career derailment is not a lack of intelligence or technical skill, it is a result of never being taught the core skills of people management and leadership. Learn powerful techniques that are at the very core of successful management and yield immediate results with your staff.

  • Design Visual Work Plans to Keep Everyone Up-to-Date and On Track
  • Delegate with Confidence and Cooperation
  • Team Building and Meeting Management Skills
  • Achieve Higher Productivity from Everyone
  • Handle Conflict and Communicate Effectively
  • Explore Change Management and Strategic Thinking